Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heading to Pop! Tech

So I'm packing my bags and heading to the (supposedly) beautiful Camden, Maine to speak at and participate in a conference that I have heard much about for the past several years: Pop! Tech. According to its website "this three-day summit explores major trends shaping our future, the social impact of new technologies, and new approaches to addressing the world’s most significant challenges." I've seen it talked about it years past in the New York Times, Business 2.0 and other major publications, all of which describe is as a sort of TED conference with a much more eclectic selection of guests and speakers. Looking at the speaker line up this year, that appears to be true. Artists, activists, scientists, writers, tech-gurus - you name it, someone from that field is coming to talk about the theme "America Reimagined".

I haven't actually finished writing my "talk" yet (something about calling it a talk rather than a speech inspires me...), but as always, I'm sure it'll come to me in the late hours of the night, in the final inning before my speech tomorrow morning. I'll be blogging here from the conference, so make sure to check back to hear my take on the speakers and the participants. Not sure if they're live streaming, but if so, I'll throw that up here too. I can't wait!

In the meantime, here's their own short promo vid explaining the conference:

Intro to PopTech from PopTech on Vimeo.

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