Monday, October 19, 2009

Change has come to (am)Erica

Change isn't just a campaign slogan or a political phenomenon - its a powerful process that we can each undergo to do our small part individually to change the world at large and the tiny one that we inhabit every day.

I'm working for health care reform - shouldn't I strive to be healthier?
I'm working for education funding and transformation - shouldn't I commit to learning more each day?
I'm working for clean energy and to stop climate change - shouldn't I resolve to add more to my environment that I take from it?
I'm fighting for more jobs in our communities - shouldn't I be pushing and stretching myself professionally?
The list goes on.

Ultimately, our nation will only be as good - as healthy, prosperous, innovative, and kind - as its people. Politics has its limits and as much as I believe in the power of good policy to change lives, I've seen the power of individual transformation do more to lift people out of mental poverty and desperation than any law and any election. I thought about all of the change paraphernalia that I've accumulated over the past year - health care reform posters, campaign buttons, youth vote key chains and the like - and realized that the universe is trying to send me a not-so-subtle message: CHANGE. So maybe I should....

What about you?

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