Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why We Hate Black Republicans

(originally posted on 4/23/09)

Let’s be honest – Carlton from the Fresh Prince was the only black Republican that ever won our hearts. Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, Don King… There’s something about black Republicans that just gets under black liberals’ skin. Especially now. Show me a black man that didn’t vote for Barack Obama and I’ll show you a million more that are angry with him. But why is it? It can’t be a purely political dislike for conservatives because there are many African Americans that are just as conservative on social issues – particularly those with even loose ties to a religious community. And its certainly not a historical legacy, because Lincoln was Republican and, based on his policy record alone, Nixon was a more progressive president than Bill Clinton. 

So why do we assume black Republicans are sellouts that have some element of self hate? And why do we respond so harshly their opinions?

The legacy of slavery in America tells us that if we’re not all together, we’ll never be free and that “them” being “over there” hurts “us” “over here”.  Especially when “over there” is considered the big house”of American politics – the part with more economic clout, and, as of late, governing power. And if the Republican party is the house, the Democratic party is the field. Self-preservation tells us that we’ll never get out of the field, while some of us are still in the big house.

There is, of course, some truth to the idea that a group divided is never as strong as a group united…but that is assuming that the group has one common goal. And we don’t. No one does. But political ideologies clearly aren’t our greatest divide in the black community, so our anger is sorely misguided.

Class, educational background, age and generational identification, sexual orientation, religion, immigration status, are just a few of the frameworks that have set up cultural divides within the black community. We can’t even agree on the light skin vs. dark skinned issue, let alone a political philosophy.

Black Republicans are not the problem. The key isn’t to persuade, recruit, or attack those on the “opposite side”. Our task is instead to better mobilize the people who do share our goals to win victories for social justice. Period. The problem isn’t the people in the big house – it’s the people in the field not willing to run. If we actually got all the progressives together to exercise their power, we wouldn’t have time to hate on black Republicans. We’d be too busy loving ourselves.


  1. This is the most retarded thing I have ever read in my life. That is the problem with democrats a whole bunch of emotional arguments but not a modicum of historical fact. You want some Republicans that are not like the ignorant stereotypes you just put up ? Instead of running your mouth how about you study some history about the party that created Affirmative Action, and passed the Reconstruction Amendments. It is not until the 1980s that the Republican party became the party of the rich. Have you forgotten the Dixie Crats that lynched our people ? What about Daniel Patrick Monyhan's letter to Richard Nixon about how the problem with the black community is that the black woman is too strong. The Democrats signed one piece of major legislation in 1965 and oh they are saviors. Also lets talk about Nagy, Marion Barry, Bill Campbell, or Kwame Kilpatrick. Embezzeling democratic niggers who stole the little money urban schools had to get better. I am from Northern Virginia. How is DC going to be free from the poison that has killed our people when the Mayor is doing it. Black Republicans have integrity. Democrats for years have been snake oil men who say the government can help our people. Really ? A system that was never built for black people can help them. Government can't do jack he who has the gold makes the rules. Open a freaking history book and stop reading headlines that all sheep do.

  2. What about Colin Powell,Condelezza Rice,Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson,Eldrige Cleaver,Stanley Crouch, You remind me of the black kids in my school who used to tease me because I dare wanted to get an education. I guess they want to be on the Democrat Party's welfare. No thank you. I am a graduate from THE University of Virginia who can look any white Republican man in the eye, because he didn't give me anything I took it.

  3. My people, my, if you're black and don't drink the democratic "new deal" kool-aid, you're a house nigger?!..that's really what you're ignorant. I'm so glad I saw this..I'm a black man, been an independent for 6 years, democrat before I just might try being a republican. thanks :)

  4. Hate is such a strong word.

    I thought democrats, particularly black democrats, don't hate.

    I find this post amusing, to remain unusually kind. So "we" hate black it because they forsaw the negative outcome of the debt slavery that black democrats instituted with the CRA and GSE's like Fanny Mae / Freddy Mac?

    In case the connection has not been made - Black democrats enslaved millions of black families with huge mortgage debt and ended up leaving them in financial ruin. In the process, they crashed the world economy.

    No real reason other than greed & corruption - which they turned around and blamed republicans to leverage the vote. Guess Hugo Chavez has been advising Rahm all the while.

    These are the people, ideals, and principles you embrace with the tripe that is your entry.

    ...but Obama is gonna change it with hope! YAY

    ...wait...unemployment is at 10% and getting worse and the cost of living is skyrocketing in parts of the country.

    Hope for Change that Obama & Dems refuse to define...but hey, cheer up....Talentless Diversity beat out a talented Susan Boyle simply because they weren't white.

    Almost like how 95% of black voters gave Obama the thumbs up without really knowing his platform or (lol) accomplishments.

    ACORN be praised for driving black voters to multiple districts to vote. It really helped our country.

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  6. Harriet said...
    The "Black Conservatives" posting on this blog don't know History only "His-story" they falsely believe that the Republican platform of the past is still the ideology of today, (hate to bust your bubble you Uncle Tom sellouts, but its NOT!) If Martin Luther King were alive today he would have switched parties, he would be a proud and staunch Democrat.

    No matter how hard you try or how much money you make to the white Republican power structure you are and will always be a Nigger! They will always use you dumb lapdog sellout Negroes as widow dressing to manipulate the uneducated and ill-informed to push and expand their platform

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