Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If at first you don't succeed...

Useful motto that Congress has apparently taken to heart in the second attempt at passing the $700 billion bailout plan. Dems and the mainstream media say its necessary. The majority of Republicans say their constituency won't go for it. Umm..excuse me, but where am I in this process? In a country that can log millions of text messages and calls to crown a new pop princess every three months, can't Congress figure out a way to solicit the opinions of the people they represent - or maybe, God forbid, take some actual time talking to me? And why is does the House financial services website keep freezing when I try to download the bill to read it word for word? Is it possible that Ryan Seacrest has figured out a way to manage public opinion in a way that the House of Representatives can't handle? Call me crazy, call me naive, but can I get a townhall meeting or a forum? Or at least a robo-call from my Senator or Reps telling me why on earth I should support a plan that's going to raise my taxes as I sit here eating a turkey sandwich for dinner? Or an "I'm sorry note" from the Fed Reserve? Or a "thank you note" from my Reps for not rioting as millions of people begin losing their jobs? Kudos to you Congress for your persistence tonight in working on this plan. Now how about a little customer service?

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